Cambridge Asset Management Review — Is Cambridge Asset Management a Scam or a Good Broker?

Cambridge Asset Management review

Over 200 million people in the world have traded or invested in financial markets at least once in their lives. It is a highly competitive domain where only companies like Cambridge Asset Management manage to stay strong and continuously improve. This trading platform stands out thanks to its laser-focused concentration on delivering a stellar user experience and access to financial markets to thousands of their clients from across the globe. Keep reading this Cambridge Asset Management Review for all the details.


Safety measures employed by Cambridge Asset Management

Finding someone who has never heard about data leaks, hacking, and other dangers of the internet is quite hard. While no company can protect users from themselves (over 80% of contemporary data breaches happen due to human factors), a modern online service can protect user data on their servers.

Cambridge Asset Management’s official website is hosted on servers with a resilient architecture meaning that any data that enters their databases will be inaccessible to unauthorized users. All communications between end users and the web infrastructure are encrypted and cannot be spied on. In general, the level of safety achieved by this company can be described as “impressive”.

Financial instruments you can access at Cambridge Asset Management

The broker has a wide range of assets represented by derivatives. The notional value of all derivatives in financial markets is close to $1 quadrillion meaning that you will be trading in one of the biggest markets ever conceived by humanity.

This trading platform offers access to a rich catalog of different financial instruments. They are sorted by categories like:

  • The list of available futures on commodities includes derivatives based on stable assets like precious metals, volatile ones, and assets that are strongly affected by events in the global economy (agricultural goods, oil, and gas).
  • Currencies and cryptocurrencies. The list of assets that can be described as currencies is quite large and contains hundreds of different pairings. You will be able to select any asset you like from the rich list of pairs available at Cambridge Asset Management.
  • CFD contracts. You can trade stocks and indices without owning them. It is a good instrument for speculators and people who want to participate in stock markets without actually investing in them.

Banking options available at Cambridge Asset Management

One of the best indicators of whether a particular broker cares about its clients is how it approaches the question of convenience and choice. A good company will provide a rich selection of different options in all aspects of its service including banking. Cambridge Asset Management allows its clients to use various payment methods to ensure that everyone can find something convenient and affordable:

Bank-issued cards are used in more than 95% of all global retail transactions. This method is also instant meaning that you don’t have to wait.

Transferring money via banks is the best way to move a large sum of money. It is the only way to withdraw earnings and a very reliable method of depositing.

Novel methods like online financial services and cryptocurrency payments can be used as well which is something appreciated by more advanced users of the internet.

Customer service at Cambridge Asset Management

Any online-only company needs to offer a high level of customer care. Cambridge Asset Management has a team of professional technicians and managers that will quickly come to your aid if you have any difficulties with using the web platform. If you leave a message in the live chat, you will usually receive a response within a couple of minutes.

There are many ways you can contact this department. While the live chat feature is the most popular option, you may be interested in sending a lengthy e-mail letter or tagging the company on social media to receive a public response.

The verdict

Among many brokerage service providers working on the internet, Cambridge Asset Management is one belonging to the top echelon of companies. It is a trustworthy and reliable brand that provides access to a vast financial market.