Bitsterzio Review — A Complete Overview of This Broker

Bitsterzio Review

Among companies offering their financial products to retail crypto traders, Bitsterzio stands head and shoulders above the majority by providing an excellent level of service and access to a rich catalog of financial instruments with over a hundred entries. This trading platform is a sound choice for many types of investors. Whether you are an individual trader or a representative of a joint fund, you will find interesting investment options and trading tools facilitating profitability in this Bitsterzio Review.


Bitsterzio pros and cons

Without having distinct advantages, you cannot attract and retain thousands of customers from across the globe. Below are the benefits that allow this company to stand out.

  • The broker offers you access to various financial instruments including commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices.
  • You can be profitable even when using scalping techniques thanks to low spreads, instant order execution, and commission-free banking.
  • The technology of the web infrastructure is above and beyond compared to the industry’s average. You will be able to use advanced tools and enjoy uninterrupted service.
  • Safety measures employed by the company are some of the most resilient in the whole domain. Your data is safely stored and won’t be shared with any third parties.

There are several disadvantages that we have to mention to keep things fair. The broker provides outstanding service but not without some flaws.

  • When withdrawing funds, you might need to wait for up to five business days which is considered a long time even by Crypto trading industry standards.
  • The customer support team may be overwhelmed when you contact it outside business hours.

Bitsterzio special privileges

Retail traders who reach certain trading volumes or make a large deposit at once will be assigned a VIP status allowing them to use even more benefits related to individually tailored services like assistance from a personal manager, regular delivery of trading signals, and lower spreads.

Personal managers not only provide valuable insights, share their expertise, and ensure that your receive assistance from technical support as quickly as possible, but they also can contact professional investment managers employed by the company to give you unique signals and tips.

Bitsterzio education

Many successful brokers in the Crypto trading industry understand that their clients are not experts in financial markets or even investing. At the same time, brokers make money from commissions and want their clients to be successful in the long run. Bitsterzio has a very dense knowledge base where you will find a plethora of different educational materials including:

  • Regular breakdowns of market positions and analysis of recent economic events;
  • Interesting guides teaching you how to use sophisticated strategies using multiple indicators;
  • In-depth tutorials explaining how to use certain features of the website and the mobile app;
  • A detailed FAQ section with solutions to many commonly encountered issues.

Note that you can further improve your trading skills and investment approaches by attending webinars and seminars where experienced professionals share their expertise.

Bitsterzio customer support

The support team at Bitsterzio is one of the best in the market when it comes to responsiveness and competence. Specialists are polite and knowledgeable. You will immediately receive assistance regardless of what issue you encountered when using the web platform. The team may indeed be short-staffed on weekends, holidays, and during nighttime. However, it is one of the best support departments in the industry during business hours.

Bitsterzio testimonials

User reviews left by people who traded previously or continue using the platform are mostly positive and focus on advantages that we already covered in this review. The vast majority of retail traders working with Bitsterzio’s trading platform consider it one of the best in the market.


Bitsterzio is a trustworthy brokerage service provider that serves thousands of clients from all across the globe. If you want to work with a reliable and honest brand, you should register with this broker and try its services using a demo account.